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The creators of Rhythm FM have welcomed the concept of niche radio. We have developed a format that appeals to young and mature professionals. This is a demographic that has been very difficult to capture on local radio because of random programming from the other stations. Our format, programming and promotions are all geared towards pleasing our targeted audience.

Rhythm FM is an adult contemporary radio station programmed to play super-hits from the 70's, 80's, 90's and today, from all genres: Disco, Rock and Roll, Funk, R&B, Motown Classics, Jazz, Rock, Latin, Calypso and Reggae, just to name a few. We also took the approach of "More Music less Talk" radio. Our announcers are trained to sound pleasant, calm and relaxed. This has endorsed our philosophy of producing stress free radio, the best at work listen to radio and the most sing-a-long radio. More about us

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  • Keena C

    Keena C. is the program director at Rhythm FM. She is also an on-air personality. Keena is very knowledgeable on music, entertainment and world events.

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  • LD Smooth

    L.D. smooth is an on-air personality on Rhythm FM. He has a charismatically smooth attitude that our listeners love. His voice of god is perfect for our format coupled with his vast knowledge of music.

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  • Angie Montoute

    Angie Montoute is Managing Director of APM Productions, a Life Coach, a Radio Personality & Business Trainer specialising in Stress Management, Team Building and Leadership.

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